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In the spotlight

In the spotlight – Grace can’t play guitar

Grace can't play guitar are Chris Payne and Mick Tyler, two friends from Brighton who collaborated on various music projects together and gave it a spin for a whole new non-genre specific sound. For this spotlight I had a chat with Chris, the songwriter of the band. In the late 80s you played in an indie punk band LaBastion together. How and when did you meet? "In a bedsit, Mick […]

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Interview (The Bucket Playlist)

The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Pin Stripes

by Sara Seddon at The Bucket Playlist www.inthebucketplaylist.com Interview with Pin Stripes: โ€˜Photographs are like a slice of time, itโ€™s the same with a songโ€™ Lidkรถping, Sweden-based Americana duo, Pin Stripes, brought out their second album, These Dark Streets, last month and are now working on a new album that is taking them back to their rockier roots. Pin Stripes comprises Matthias Sundberg (lead vocals, guitars, stomp box) and Niclas […]

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