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New Release – Balls Out by Invisible Squirrel and Lewca

After Invisible Squirrel remixed one of Lewca’s songs earlier this year, they have now teamed up for ‘Balls Out’. The song is out 8th September. Lewca: “The squirrel and I have been chatting for a while on Twitter, he was kind enough to offer to do a remix of my tune ‘Broken Window’ that was featured on my ‘Deconstructivism’ EP. We both wanted to do a collab after that but […]

todaySeptember 3, 2022 74

Joe Adhemar

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New Release – About the Soul (album) by Joe Adhemar

On July 12th Joe Adhemar wil release his new album ‘About The Soul’ on Bandcamp. The album has been chosen to be featured on Bandcamp’s home page from 18th to 20th July. And for those that want a physical copy of the album, there will also be a CD gatefold and vinyl available. The album won’t hit the streams until December 2022. The album Spotify/Apple pre-save link is here. What […]

todayJuly 6, 2022 106

Release Talk

New Release – Sonder (album) by Invisible Squirrel

Invisible Squirrel is the Electronic Dance Music artist profile of Joe Adhemar. “The Invisible Squirrel does not need a bio because it is all about the tunes!” Invisible Squirrel’s 12 track album called ‘Sonder’ came out today, 1st January 2022. The album title is the opening track which if you weren’t aware, is a made-up word, invented by a writer called John Koenig. sonder - n. the realization that each […]

todayJanuary 1, 2022 145

In the spotlight

In the spotlight – Joe Adhémar

We all know British songwriter Joe Adhémar has made some great songs including our current number 1 in the chart 'Be My Coastguard'. (And if you didn't, it's time to check him out!) “Last time I was number 1 at something was the 25m butterfly at my school swimming gala.” So Joe, what else is there to know about you? “Born in the 70’s. Married to my lovely Sarah. Two […]

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