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Interview (The Bucket Playlist)

The Bucket Playlist’s interview with Near Mrs

‘It’s a belter, we got a real blast of serotonin playing it!’ a Seddon at The Bucket Playlist Nottingham-based indie rock band, Near Mrs, are ramping up the guitars in their debut EP, ‘Sanguine’, which was released last month (June), in which they provide a musical commentary on government surveillance, relationships and selfish societies. The band comprises Ryan Webb (vocals), Taig O’Shea (lead guitar and backing vocals), Will Kirk (guitar), […]

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In the spotlight

In the spotlight – The Frontier

The Frontier are an unsigned indie-pop/alt rock band from the Washington D.C. area. The Frontier is the brainchild of Jake Mimikos, who formed the project in 2016. After years of playing in different bands he felt ready for a solo project he could control completely. Jake describes his younger self as a "pretty lonely and weird kid" that "naturally just gravitated to rock and punk music". "Some of the first memories I have of playing the […]

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