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Release Talk

New Release – Fool Me Twice by Daniel Tidwell

Daniel Tidwell will release his new track ‘Fool Me Twice’ on October 29th. Here’s what he told us about the upcoming release. What’s the song about? “This song is about mustering the resolve necessary to overcome liars and abusers, and eliminating those elements from your life. To a lesser extent, it’s also about knowing who, when, and what to forgive.” What inspired you to write this song? “My good friend […]

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Release Talk

New Release – All Geared Up (album) by Daniel Tidwell

Daniel Tidwell wil be releasing his album 'All Geared Up' on May 15th. Here's what he had to say about the album. "This album dances on the border between progressive rock, and pop rock, and pop metal. That broad border covers most tracks with the exception of one or two tracks." "It's the first album that didn't start as a concept album. Half the tracks were designed as stand alone […]

todayMay 13, 2021 26

Release Talk

New Release – Through the Sand by Daniel Tidwell

'Through The Sand' was released today. What can you tell us about your new release? "The song is about having people to lean on in trying times, and being that person for others in their times of greatest need." "The music started as a theory project, and an attempt to create two linked chord progressions that used every common chord in a scale. Hearing about the constant struggles of close friends […]

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In the spotlight

In the spotlight – Daniel Tidwell

For this week's spotlight I'm breaking my own rules, as I've chosen someone who hasn't made it into the Cool Top 20 chart (yet). However, he has been a passionate supporter of indie music and the Cool 20. So, to thank Daniel for his support, I decided to feature him in our spotlight. Most of us know Daniel as the indie music nerd from 'The Finds'. How would Daniel describe […]

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