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New Release – Games by Sean Buckley featuring Laura Jayne

Sean Buckley writes descriptive melodic electronica. He has recently collaborated with Lewca and Chris James Willow. On November 19th we can expect a new release, the haunting atmospheric song ‘Games’, which is a collaboration with Laura Jayne. And, as with all art, ‘Games’ has a backstory, which Laura describes as follows. “Sean and I met on Twitter. I helped start a radio show earlier this year on WFTH From The […]

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In the spotlight

In the spotlight – Sean Buckley

Sean Buckley was born in Hope, Salford (UK). He writes descriptive melodic electronica and is known for his successful collaborations, but little is known about Sean himself. Time to ask him some questions… Can you tell me a little bit about yourself? “Hello from Little Cottage, which is near Ironbridge in Shropshire, England. I was born in Hope, Salford and I grew up in the city, in Swinton and Eccles. […]

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In the spotlight – Sky Diving Penguins

Sky Diving Penguins are an indie band from Tbilisi (Georgia). The band is the brainchild of Gia Iashvili. He is influenced by acts as The Beatles, Beck, Elliott Smith & Nirvana. “I formed Sky Diving Penguins after leaving the band I played with. I realised that I want to do my own thing. I prefer being a one man band, life is easier this way.” Is there a story behind the […]

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New Release – Target by Sean Buckley and Chris James Willows

Sean Buckley and Chris James Willows released their first collaboration 'Pull' in July and they have another one coming up on October 15th. Sean wrote the music and Chris wrote the lyrics. I spoke to Chris about the upcoming release. “When I first heard Sean’s track ‘Carriage’. It was immediately obvious I could write vocal for it. I think maybe he’d tweeted asking for a vocalist to collab with. I […]

todayOctober 11, 2021 39

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New Release – Pull by mintball ft. Chris James Willows

Mintball also known as Sean Buckley (UK) writes descriptive melodic electronica pieces. He released 'I'm Alright' and 'Dodgems' last month, which were collaborations with Lewca. His upcoming release 'Pull' will be his second collaboration. "The collaboration came about after I requested collaborators on Twitter and Chris James Willows replied. Chris has put some beautiful, ethereal vocals over my original piece, which is called 'Carriage'." The song 'Pull' seems to be […]

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