Spotify Playlist – Have a wonderful Indie Christmas

Spotify Playlist – Have a wonderful Indie Christmas

I must admit. I’m not very much into Christmas songs. Same tracks every year. Bells are ringing. Wonderful Christmastime blabla. But hey, there is an alternative! Last year Chenel No.1 started to collect some Indie Christmas songs for us. We already have a great set of alternative Christmas songs with artists like: Denny Lloyd, Chenel No.1, UV Rose, Rose Alaimo, Mark Cokes, Storm of Crowes, Electric Palace and many more.

Today we have received the first Christmas track this year. “No Sad Thoughts ‘Neath the Mistletoe by Jenny Stevens and The Empty Mirrors.

So we think it’s time to share this playlist again.

Indie artists are welcome to submit their new Christmas tracks to our twitter account: @cooltop20. Even covers are allowed.