Zachte Chokotof – Wallican ft. Marie With Bun

Zachte Chokotof – Wallican ft. Marie With Bun

Wallican is a 23 year old lofi producer living in Belgium. He only started making music when he was 18, but hasn’t stopped since then. In the last year he released 2 albums and is on his way to release many more. 

He met singer/songwriter Marie With Bun on Twitter. She’s a very talented girl with a unique voice. It was a collaboration bound to happen that just needed the right track, which became ‘Zachte Chokotof’.

During the covid outbreak they kept sending each other ideas until this unique idea came about. A very laidback/lofi song with smooth vocals but without any lyrics. The perfect way to create a vibe without bounding any unnecessary words. 

The track is called “Zachte Chokotof” (which is Dutch for Soft Chokotof) Inspired by the softness of Marie’s voice. 

This track is the first single for Wallicans new album ‘Meer Lawaai’ (=’More noise’). A mix of lofi inspired tracks, perfect for listening when you’re working, studying or just relaxing. 

Be sure to check out the minimalistic video that came along with it.