Vernons Future – Steerpike

Vernons Future – Steerpike

Vernons Future were born as The Vernons in Liverpool (UK) back in the 80’s, releasing their debut album ‘Smithdown Road’ on Probe Plus at the start of 1990. Melody Maker said it was “a fine debut…in love with pop at its most unassuming and most charming”.

A second act began in 2015 when original members Simon Burchill, Jon Fiber, Andy Harding, and Tom Le Bas were joined by Simon ‘Hoops’ Hooper, and saw the band now based in Oxford and London. Their second album ‘Aquaplaning’ was released to acclaim in October 2022, and their new single ‘Steerpike’ is the first all-new release since then. The band always love playing live, with recent highlights including Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast and two dates at the O2 Academy in Islington, London.

What’s ‘Steerpike’ about?

“‘Steerpike’ is a character in Mervyn Peake’s epic Gormenghast Trilogy, an anti-hero rather than hero – highly intelligent, ruthless, and willing to justify any means to reach his end…”

How would you describe it?

“We’ve heard it described as ‘Gothic Disco’, which we think sums it up neatly – there’s definitely a darker edge to it, but the beat gives a counterbalance.”

What movie or tv series should feature ‘Steerpike’ and why?

“The obvious answer would be to say ‘Gormenghast’, the show based on the books which inspired the song. It could also have worked nicely in ‘True Detective: Night Country’ – all the darkness, and snowy, barren landscapes would fit perfectly.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“This is definitely more of a groove than our usual three minute indie pop songs, so that’s a little different for us. It’s great fun to play, and it’s been going down really well live too.”

Is it accompanied with a music video?

“We always try to avoid being too literal with our videos, and so the idea here was to include imagery that reflected the lyrical theme (“the sharp, archaic shore”) while also bringing movement to illustrate the song’s groove. A little mystery too, hopefully avoiding the obvious.”

“The video was done entirely on an iPhone 12, mainly using copyright-free video clips and put together using iMovie and Studio.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“This one has given us a bit of both really – aside from a remix single in mid-2023, this is our first new release for nearly two years. That sort of gap tends to focus the mind! Also, with the song’s style being a bit of a departure for us, you’re unsure how it will be received – we like it, and we just have to trust that other people will too!”

‘Steerpike’ is out 5th April 2024. Pre-save here.

Vernons Future bring a distinctive twist to the poppier end of the indie spectrum.


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