The Trusted – Self Destruct

The Trusted – Self Destruct

Formed during their secondary school years, The Trusted (UK) discovered a shared passion for strong melodies and atmospheric pop music. Influenced by renowned British rock bands like Catfish and the Bottlemen and The 1975, as well as legendary new-wave icons like The Clash and Elvis Costello, The Trusted have created a unique fusion of post-punk energy and compelling storytelling.

The Trusted have a new song ‘Self Destruct’ out on Friday April 5th.

It’s a 3 a.m., head-in-the-toilet, 3-minute punk song.

What’s the song about?

“It’s a song about self-induced self-destruction. Whether it’s depression or just for thrills, people often like to push their minds and bodies to the brink of functionality as a way to escape the real world. ‘Self Destruct’ is about those moments when everything is on a knife-edge, ready to tip over. It’s a 3 a.m., head-in-the-toilet, 3-minute punk song.”

When releasing a new song, is there a sense of panic or excitement?

“I’d say there is a mixture of both. The whole thing is a rush; it’s kind of like getting on a roller coaster, but the track is not finished, and the restraints are missing. It’s always interesting to see where things land…”

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“It was recorded at SS2 Recording Studios in Southend. We’ve been recording there for years; we love it. Our good friend and producer, Rees Broomfield, mixed the track, and we love what he’s done!”

Pre-save ‘Self Destruct‘ here. 


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