New Release – The Good Life by Silva

New Release – The Good Life by Silva

Silva is a songwriter/musician from Meath, Ireland. His music is best described as alt/indie rock/folk with an experimental edge. It should appeal to fans of The National, The Decemberists, Wilco & Pavement.

“I’ve been writing since I was a kid and only got the time and means to record a few songs during lockdown.”

“I have an extensive backlog of songs that I hope to record and release, and hoping for any support I can get. I would love to continue to grow my listener base, and in time return to playing live music.”

His new track ‘The Good Life’ will be out on 26th March. You can pre-save here.

“The Good Life is about hope, and about trying to change one’s perspective – to try to become more positive, start again, re-run time and hope that things get better. I wrote the song a long time ago, in the late ’90s. I was going through a tough time with the person I was with at the time, and we were hoping that we could turn a corner and lead to better times.”

“It’s an upbeat, guitar driven blast of optimism with hooks and harmonies. Most people have mentioned influences such as Wilco, REM and Bright Eyes.”

“The song was recorded and mixed in my home studio, in Dunshaughlin, Meath in Ireland. Lockdown has given me the time and opportunity to set up a proper home recording function…it has been a small upside to the current situation.”