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Release Talk – Radioactive Hybrid Terror Pigs by Joe Peacock

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Joe Peacock is a singer-songwriter from Birmingham (UK), who describes himself as a genre-hopping storyteller. Joe has released three albums as a solo artist and is also playing in an alt-folk duo called The Missed Trees, who have started gigging and will release their first material early next year.

Joe’s new solo release is called ‘Radioactive Hybrid Terror Pigs’. It’s out on 31st October. A pre-save is available here.

What inspired you to write this song? 

“I read about the Fukushima disaster and how the wild boars moved into the contaminated land without feeling any ill effects. They made themselves at home, inter-breeding with the domesticated pigs that had been left behind in the desperate aftermath of the evacuation. The title of the song was taken from that story. It’s a little bit sensationalist, but when I read it, I just thought that has to be a song!”

“You have the natural event, an earthquake, which is too strong for the human infrastructure, the power station, which then causes catastrophic danger to humans, so wildlife returns, takes over and doesn’t want to relinquish the area to humans again. It seemed very poetic to me.”

“I’m always looking for something that’s powerful and distinctive for my music and I think I’ve done it with this one. I hope people will read the title and be intrigued as to what it could be about. I think it makes a really catchy chorus, so once people have heard it a few times, it will stick in their heads!”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“It’s certainly different from the last album, which had very few guitars on it. I guess it’s not totally different from some of the punkier songs on my second album ‘Before the Robots told us where to go’, but it has quite a dark feel with the sirens and a few added samples.”

“The production and mixing was done by my friend Chris Marney, and I think he’s done a great job of capturing the energy I wanted while making sure there’s a combination of drive and weirdness running through it.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“I always love to get music out. I have a massive backlog of songs that I have written and want to release, but struggle to “finish” due to my lack of patience and skill in getting the production and mixing right. I can’t afford to spend too much on getting other people to do it, so I have a few albums of songs sitting around waiting for me to get them completed and out into the world.”

“It’s difficult to judge success as an indie musician with no record company backing, but I always get enough positive feedback that I feel there are people out there who want me to release more. As you can see from this one, I’m not focused on what’s the most commercial, but the music that excites me and I hope that comes across to the listener.”

Written by: leancool20

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