New Release – Your Stormy Ways by Laura Kelsey

New Release – Your Stormy Ways by Laura Kelsey

Laura Kelsey is a Nanaimo (Canada), art-folk artist who has fronted everything from death metal to blues bands and who is now performing as a solo musician. Her recent double-single release ‘little winters’ was released in August. A new single ‘Your Stormy Ways’ the first single from her debut EP ‘Hunting Season’, will be released 12th October.

Where was it recorded and mixed?

“It was recorded and mixed on Bowen Island, B.C., by producer Winston Hauschild, who has worked with artists such as Hannah Georgas and Wanting Qu. Drums were recorded separately in Vancouver by drummer Flavio Cirillo, who is the drummer for Hail the Villain, Dallas Smith and more.

What was the inspiration behind the song?

“The song is based on true events and started with a brief moment reflecting about a relationship and a very strong thought entering my mind: “I never want to see that person again.” I think in this time of technology, it’s almost too easy to reconnect with people who have moved in and out from your life. We are dragging around almost every relationship and brief encounter we experience now with social media and that is probably not good for our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Because there are definitely people out there who you should not connect with again, for whatever reason.”

Why dis you pick this song first as a single from you upcoming EP?

“This is the only song in the four-track EP about a relationship, so I thought it would be very relatable; and also I think it’s the most “pop” sounding. I love what Winston the producer contributed to the song – I call him “Winston the Wizard” because he’s adding his touch of magic.”

Laura just wrapped a busy summer of performing at festivals like Islands Folk Festival (Duncan) and Sonic Summer Nights (Vancouver), and next will be the opener for Matthew Good on his fall 2022 solo tour of Vancouver Island.