New Release – Your High is Overrated by Kromatix

New Release – Your High is Overrated by Kromatix

Kromatix is Matthew Isaacs. You might remember him from his song ‘Fruit Loops‘. Kromatix is a lover of all music, but a heavy consumer of anything soul!

“I have a serious craving for music. Whether it be consuming it, writing or producing it, performing it! You name it! I was that kid who used to hear things and then instantly be able to play it on the piano. I am grateful that I’ve continuously tried to grow in doing what I love. I am quite the grown child. I’m goofy, funny, caring, and kind of a nerd!”

“I plan to use music to travel to places where I’ve never been before in hopes of sharing my euphonious messages of life and love!”

Kromatix will be releasing a new song ‘Your High Is Overrated‘ on June 27th.

“This song is pretty close to me. It can relate both to the struggles of mental health and addiction as well as toxic relationships and heartbreak. I have experienced that feeling of being in a relationship I know I shouldn’t be in, while battling the emotions of feeling lost without that person. I’ve also had my fair share of mental health issues and knowing that certain highs in life are overrated and that I’m to continue learning in life!”

“I wrote it during Covid-19. I unfortunately had a lot of friends telling me their struggles with addiction since lockdowns had started, or how bad habits had returned. I honestly didn’t think the song would be able to relate to all these things, but after sharing it with a few friends, that’s the main feedback I’ve gotten. How relatable the song seems!”

“I self produced this song here in Toronto, Canada in my bedroom! I have a guitarist buddy in Victoria, British Columbia (Zachary Saunders), and a bass player/guitarist buddy from Perth, Australia (Andy Quan). They both liked my idea for the song and would send me parts to put together for the vision I had. It’s been a really cool experience sending files and not being in the same room with your musicians to create the song. But I am so grateful to have them be a part of the process.”

“I’ve known Zach Saunders for a few years. We met when he entered an open mic that I was hosting, and it has been history since! We collaborated on my first single ‘Show U Off‘ as well as some songs he has coming out soon! Andy Quan I met through Instagram. We had come across each other’s page and liked the crap out of each other’s content. Which led us to creating ‘Fruit-Loops’. It was cool because I hadn’t realized I had two guys I really liked working with on the same song until the mixing process. It was great to have them both interested in the song and the music. I couldn’t have done it without them!!”

“Andy did the bass guitar and guitar chords. Zach did the guitar intro and outro as well as some ambient arpeggio style patterns on the chorus for the track.”

“I’m super excited for this song. I hope it reaches many people, and I hope it can help someone! Anyone!”