New Release – Young In Love by Tyler Gelrud

New Release – Young In Love by Tyler Gelrud

Tyler Gelrud is a singer/songwriter based in the Bay Area (USA). His return to songwriting comes via the dreamy and endearing track, ‘Young In Love’ which releases September 29th. A pre-save is available here.

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“I would say absolutely! ‘Young In Love’ is my first single in over three years, and I like to think there has been some growth, both in my life and in my songwriting, since 2020. The themes throughout my work hold true, but I use far less metaphors or disguises in this track, which is something that is new for me. In other words, this is a stripped-back song lyrically, and I am interested to see if that allows people to connect with or input themselves into the story more easily than my previous work may have encouraged. Time will tell!”

What’s the song about?

“I never like to answer a question like this too thoroughly, because I want people to craft their own meaning, so I will be nice and vague! To me, the song can mean a multitude of things; the initial spark we feel in a relationship, the idea of a young, or budding, romance, the literal sense of being a young person in love. I felt all of these things while crafting the song.”

“My favourite thing about releasing music is the feedback or stories I hear from listeners. When someone reaches out and shares their interpretation or meaning of a song, there is truly nothing better!”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“I used to be full of panic and dread when it came to releasing new music, it would drive me mad. My brain looked like the scene in Spongebob where his head is full of miniature sponges causing complete chaos! Luckily, nowadays, I only feel complete excitement and relief, thanks to countless therapy sessions. I have gained an entirely new perspective on music and my expectations for my music. At this stage and age in my life, I am just so grateful for the opportunity to write, collaborate with incredible people, and connect with so many listeners through such a special medium. Regardless of where the current of this song takes me, I cannot wait for people to have a listen.”

Gelrud’s debut solo release ‘Julia’ is full of acoustic-pop ballads for any occasion. Gelrud donated portions of the EP’s proceeds to SAVE, a suicide prevention non-profit that not only encourages individuals in need to seek help, but encourages others to recognize and assist those in need. The EP is dedicated to the memory of ‘Julia’. Visit for additional resources regarding suicide prevention.


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