New Release – You Still Haunt Me by The Chantepleures

New Release – You Still Haunt Me by The Chantepleures

The Chantepleures (Shawn-Tuh-Plurs) “One who sings and weeps at the same time”, formed in 2012 in La Jolla, California (USA) when lead singer/songwriter Brent Felix and bassist Gigi Phenix met twin musical duo The Mattson 2 (drums/guitar). Their shared love of classic British indie music and 4AD artists such as Cocteau Twins, Lush and This Mortal Coil helped inform their first collaborative effort, the 2012 EP ‘Feels Like Heaven’. This EP contained the stand-out track ‘All Our Days’.

After relocating to Los Angeles and experiencing some lineup changes, the group released the 2020 Britpop inspired album ‘Meet the Exciters’ which garnered a larger international audience, with it’s lead single ‘You Bring Me Down’ getting added to several radio shows in the UK and Ecuador.

In 2021, the band released the EP ‘Forever’. With its mix of trip hop, post punk and Britpop, The Chantepleures continued to receive radio airplay in the UK as more and more people started discovering their unique blend of catchy melodies mixed with reverb-drenched guitars.

In late 2022, Brent Felix and Gigi Phenix traveled to Scandinavia, Iceland, Kauai and in 2023 moved to Japan for three months- inspiring the material for their next album which harkens back to the groups’ shoegaze, dream pop roots.

Recently adding former drummer for Nina Hagen, Jeffrey Mince, to the fold, the foursome are finishing up recording and mixing their self-titled fourth album.

Their new single ‘You Still Haunt Me’ is out 27th October. Pre-save here.

“This single has a couple meanings. I liked that the title, ‘You Still Haunt Me’ can be applied to a former girlfriend/boyfriend but can also mean a past that still haunts us. Which I think is true of all of us in one way or another.”

“A lot of the lyrics in this song have very personal meanings, I’d love to explain them but I think it’s better left unsaid. I’m especially proud of the lyric “we remove the veil to be saved”.”

“The cover art was taken by our bass player (Gigi Phenix) in Den Den Town in Osaka Japan. The girl in the photo is one of the Japanese “French” maids along the main drag there.”

“We made a little teaser video of this track with footage we shot around the same time in Japan. It’s floating around our social media channels at the moment, haha.”

“We recorded and mixed this track at our home studio in Orange County last year and did a final polish this past month in an Airbnb in Lake Arrowhead. We have a whole albums’ worth of material we hope to release next year as well.”

“If I could get the song placed in a TV show or film I’d like it to be about a couple on the run, looking for freedom and the truth, with some kind of dangerous, shadowy organization hot on their trail.”


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