New Release – You Decide by Storm of Crows

New Release – You Decide by Storm of Crows

Storm of Crows is a rock band based in Sheffield and Stockport (UK). Originally in various bands at the end of the 1990s, they reformed during COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 to record some of their old songs, and write a few new ones as well. The new single ‘You Decide’ is one of those old songs.

Paul: “In early 1997 we had wanted to dip our toes in songwriting and after writing a couple of dodgy songs we were determined to write a good one. Lyrically ‘You Decide’ was two unfinished ideas put together, both inspired by failed relationships. The music for these ideas were just basic chord sequences. The development and structure came when we sat down in Matt’s spare room, this included the riff which always sounded a bit like an Irish jig.”

Matt: “The early recording used in our promo video was done on cassette just after we had finished writing it.”

Paul: “After writing ‘You Decide’, it felt like our songwriting had developed and the songs that came after were beginning to get better. We even played it live a couple of times in 1999. Recording it in 2021, it has taken on new life, and brought back some great memories of the early days of the band and now sounds like it should have done when we first wrote it.”

Matt: “The band re-formed when I decided to record some of old songs in 2020. I did the first by myself, but got Jimmy in to do bass on the second (which was ‘You Decide’). Paul joined for the third song ‘Upon Us’ and as we sounded a lot more like a proper band, I quickly took the first two down from YouTube. We decided to release ‘You Decide’ as a single this year (in a bit of a hurry). but were able to use a lot of the 2020 recording, and just add a few new parts to bring it up to standard.”

Jimmy: “‘You Decide’ was completely pre-me so no, nothing to add.”

‘You Decide’ by Storm of Crows is already available on Bandcamp. It will be available on Spotity on 12 March. The link to pre-save is here.

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