New Release – You Built A Wall by The Way After

New Release – You Built A Wall by The Way After

The Way After are a Coventry & London-based trio formed in 2020, but with a shared misspent youth in indie-rock bands playing in venues such as the 100 Club. After a spell as a solo act, Tim reconnected with former bandmates Dave and James to record a debut album and The Way After were (re)born.

Recording of the album was much delayed by the Covid outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, but the first song from the album ’Hear The Bird Sing’ was released online in March 2023, receiving airplay in the UK and abroad – including repeated plays on Gary Crowley’s BBC London show – and was made ‘single of the week’ on Edinburgh’s Chief Radio.

Their second self-produced single ‘You Built A Wall’ is a melodic poetic track with orchestral touches that call to mind late 60s Beatles or Kinks. It is released on November 1st is already picking up airplay in the UK and US.

Is the song autobiographical?

“No. Most of my songs are, but this song is written in a persona. It is about communication barriers and the walls between echo chambers. It is kind of a protest song, but it is a muted, already defeated protest.”

Is this release different from your previous release?

“The first single, ‘Hear The Bird Sing’ was a gentle acoustic song, and very personal to me – it is about my daughter. This new song isn’t personal in the same way, but is the first to feature the rest of the band, and has a fuller sound. Both songs hint at the varied moods of the album.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“We have video on YouTube. It is an animated video of us performing against a backdrop of shops and tube stations with our name on it. It’s meant to suggest we’re in an echo chamber reflecting back to us, but it’s all just a facade – there’s smoke everywhere, and behind the buildings there are images of collapse. Something. underneath the surface isn’t right, but you can’t quite make out what it is. That’s the idea anyway!”

The band are currently in the studio preparing their debut album, while Tim plays the occasional acoustic show around Coventry.

Both singles have received praise for their poeticism and classic, timeless arrangements, drawing comparisons to bands such as The Byrds, Love, and CSNY, and helping to build up anticipation for their album.

‘You Built A Wall’ is out 1st November. A pre-save is available.

The Way After are; Tim O’Connor (vocals, guitar, songwriter), James Houston (guitar, production) and Dave Houston (drums).


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