New Release – You Are My Movie by Lyon Tide

New Release – You Are My Movie by Lyon Tide

There are tons of ways to express heartfelt Valentine’s Day wishes to that special person in our life on 14th February. Birmingham (UK based trio Lyon Tide are doing it with a song, ‘You Are My Movie’.

What inspired you to write this song?

“The question is not what but who. Yes, one of us has found someone incredibly special and from this relationship the lyrics were born. They were written during a flight back from Venice, Italy and within a matter of days became a very heartfelt song.”

“The idea of releasing this track on Valentine’s Day 2023, a Tuesday, opposed to the conventional #NewMusicFriday was above all intended as a surprise for the girl it is written for but also to share the love and hope that other people will identify their own feelings and story with it.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“In terms of sound, yes. This particular track was based on a description of the aforementioned person, their character and personality and we tried to capture that in the music. Those that already follow our music know that we are usually quite eclectic with our sound but this track is the first release leading up to our forthcoming album and has dictated a very consistent, peeled back pop/rock sound this time around; we are being quite conservative on the synths and more forthright with the drum and guitars.”

What can you tell us about the cover artwork?

“Similar to the music, mixed with subtle elements referenced in the lyrics, we wanted the cover artwork to reflect the vibe of the song and capture the essence of the girl the song is dedicated to – she loves colour, nature, can never stay still and therefore a butterfly seemed like the perfect icon mixed with an eccentric Venetian carnival mask which pays homage to a very special day spent together.”

‘You Are My Movie’ is out 14th February. A pre-save is available here.


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