New Release – Wouldn’t You by Angela Powis

New Release – Wouldn’t You by Angela Powis

Angela Powis is a singer/songwriter from Worcester (UK), who started singing three to four years ago.

“I didn’t know I could sing, who knew I’d find my passion! I love to create thought provoking pop ballads!”

Angela’s upcoming single ‘Wouldn’t You’ is a song with a deeper meaning.

Can you tell us, what’s the song about?

“This is quite deep, I’ve suffered with depression for many years, wallowed in self pity if you like too. Then in 2022 I found a lump in my armpit. I panicked and thought the worse possible outcome. Googled it – don’t do that if you want to not panic! Well I got the lump checked out and had a biopsy. It was benign. I was so lucky. So I wrote this song and thought, why did it take a situation like that to realise all this.”

“The lyrics say if you knew when you were going do die wouldn’t you? So I thought why not now?”

When releasing a new single is there excitement or panic?

“I think with this song it felt so powerful there was slight panic, but then I thought “I feel it’s what the world needs”. We all wait and wait and wait until tomorrow. Why not now? Why aren’t we doing the things we love, telling the people we love. Why are we waiting until it’s ‘too late’ not everyone but I certainly was. At least it felt that way. And I thought if I was, so is someone else!”

“I believe every day is a ‘second chance’ at getting the life we all deserve.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“Yes, the artwork is very symbolic. It’s a photo of a light beam up in to the sky full of stars. I saw the light beam as the soul so to speak leaving the body, or if you want to look at it this way, re entering the body, a second chance let’s say. I believe every day is a ‘second chance’ at getting the life we all deserve. It all depends how you look at the artwork!”

‘Wouldn’t You’ will be released 10th February. You can pre-save the song here.


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