New Release – Wish I was in heaven sitting down by JonSaw

New Release – Wish I was in heaven sitting down by JonSaw
Sad woman hug her knee,nobody

JonSaw are a two-piece band based in Gothenburg (Sweden) that play bluesy southern rock with a splash of bourbon and 70s. The band consists of Robert Jonsson (vocals and guitar) and Mikael Säwström (drums).

Their new release “Wish I was in heaven sitting down” will be out July 29th.

What’s the song about?

“This is a dark song. The lyrics are not ours, it is a traditional spiritual text from the south written in late 1800s. We wanted to make our rendition of this text and quite sad but still beautiful melody. Wish I was in heaven sitting down – I have been told after researching the text that it is about just wanting to rest. They are done working all those hours with aching backs, feets, bleeding hands and constantly hungry. When they sang this they literally just wanted to be in heaven and finally sitting down. So strong lyrics.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“Yes it is. The biggest difference and what made this hard to rendition and record was that there is only one chord throughout the whole song and we had to incorporate a lot more feeling and dynamics. How can we tell this story with only one chord without the listeners getting bored. So there is a steady increase of power all the way to the end where we suck all the air out of the song in a way to give the end two alternatives. Either she or he IS in heaven sitting down or just fell the the knees giving up and saying it one last time. I wish I was in heaven sitting down…”

What movie or tv series should feature your music and why?

“Sons of anarchy, Mayans or any film that requires a dirty pulse with gritty rhythm. Or what if they re-made Rocky I??? How cool would it be to write the new Eye of the Tiger :)”