New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola

New Release – Wig Game (EP) by Blokeacola

Welsh-born Blokeacola makes psychedelic indie pop. Blokeacola currently lives in Hangzhou (China). He released his debut single ‘Make It On Your Own’ in 2020. As befitting the colourful, intriguing music, Blokeacola immediately stood out from the crowd, not just in quirky name alone but also due to a striking persona, in short, the sporting of a bright orange helmet and an apparent penchant for fresh fruit.

His new EP ‘Wig Game’ will be out 2nd September. The EP is a Bandcamp release only!

Is there a consistent lyrical style through the album – what’s it about?

“The Internet looms large over this material. The listener is encountering scattered, random thoughts fired at them as they scroll through the feed – a place where there is less and less consensus on what is real. The cover photo is a digital photo of an old photo a friend sent to me, of the both of us when we were young. The photo seemed appropriate as the EP is generally about this strange new world we live in, juxtaposed with an older, simpler one that’s slowly fading out of view. In essence, we view the past through a digital lens.”

“The lyrics book that comes with the EP employs digital manipulations of photos of both of our fathers, who were also friends, as background images because it seemed fitting to have that continuity. The lyrics come in both PDF and PNG format if the album is bought on Bandcamp because I wanted it to be easy to read the words when listening to the music, as our generation always loved to do as kids.”

Will you be releasing any singles off the EP?

“Yes, I’ll release each song individually on the main digital platforms as a means of promoting the EP on Bandcamp. The songs will come out month by month but the only way to hear all of them straight away will be to go to”

The single ‘Taste the Brainbow’ is already out on all major music platforms to provide a taste of what’s to come.

Are you planning any videos for your music – do you make them yourself?

“Followers of my music will be used to seeing numerous quirky videos of me gallivanting around in my orange motorcycle helmet. I generally make them myself but have also had help from a fantastic musician/songwriter/artist/animator called John Carroll, which I’m very grateful for. This time around however I wanted the focus to remain solely on the lyrics and the music, so I have made lyric videos for each song that have the same look and feel as the album artwork.”