New Release – Where Eagles Fly by Herald K

New Release – Where Eagles Fly by Herald K

Herald K is a Norwegian singer-songwriter based in Vienna (Austria). He released his debut album in 2019 and is currently preparing the release of his second album, titled ‘Mythologies’ which will come out on the 12th of May.

“I sing and play acoustic guitar on all ten tracks on ‘Mythologies’ but have had the privilege to work with amazing musicians who have contributed elements such as vocals, violin, nyckelharpa, accordion, concertina, flute, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, bass and various other sounds! On this album, I try to retell stories and myths, in my own way, through song.”

“In the wake of this album release, I plan to play a series of concerts in Austria and internationally. This will kick off with playing an opening set for Early James (US) on the 13th of May at the Chelsea music venue in Vienna. I also had the chance to play a double concert with Freeman Dre (CAN) at the Music Star venue in Hamburg last summer, after the release of my first single.”

Four singles from the upcoming album ‘Mythologies’ have been released thus far, ‘Where Eagles Fly’ will be the fifth and final one before the full album comes out in May.

“I wrote this song a few years ago in a Norwegian mountain cabin. I sometimes go there, alone, to write songs. This particular song is a unique one in that I composed the melody first. I had found this chord sequence that I started playing over and over, because it sounded nice. Then I started humming some melody over it. After doing that for a while, I started adding the first words that came to my mind. It seemed like a kind of subliminal thing was going on. I had no fixed idea of what the song should be about or what to aim for. I just tried to let down my guard and let the words flow. Normally I’m a words-first kind of songwriter, so this was a special new experience. This song became probably my most abstract one.”

“What is it about? I guess it has something to do with what I was doing when writing it: searching for that elevated state where you abandon inhibitions and see things clearly? About evoking that muse… In one sense it was personal for me at the time of writing it, but I think universal at the same time. I always hope to communicate something that will resonate with others in a way they can identify with their own lives.”

“Later on, after having recorded my vocals and guitar, Stephan Steiner added violins, and Navid Djawadi bass, and the song became something different with its new rhythmic and melodic touches. It’s one of my more uptempo songs. I tried to arrange it so that it feels somehow like a whirlwind…”

“Stephan Steiner is a professional multi-instrumentalist and has worked with me on many tracks, including many from my debut album released in 2019. We also play gigs together from time to time. Navid Djawadi is a professional bassist, working with numerous constellations, mainly in the jazz-genre. I simply presented my album project to them, and asked if they would help record instrumental contributions to some of my songs there. Luckily, they both accepted. The recordings happened mainly during the pandemic period, so we never recorded together in the same room! We all recorded from our respective home-recording facilities for this project.”

‘Where Eagles Fly’ will be out 31st March. Pre-save here.


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