New Release – What We Have by Chris Boddington

New Release – What We Have by Chris Boddington

Birmingham (UK) based 46 year old, father of three and proud granddad, Chris Boddington has been writing music for a good 38 years or so, but only decided to start finishing tracks and releasing them during the first lockdown.

“I say I’m a multi genre songwriter but invariably end up in the early 90’s House era. My influences are Fat Boy Slim, The Prodigy, Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Massive Attack, The KLF and John Barry.”

“I started the track ‘What We Have’ around two years ago but always struggled to “finish” it especially the end chorus; I kept coming back to it and stalling.”

“The song is actually intended as a merge of various genres, it’s a little pop with a hint of Latin and a touch of afrobeat. I wasn’t sure it would go down very well but a couple of people have said it’s my best and most commercial track to date. I always enjoy the feedback and am always surprised by it, it’s never quite what you expect.”

“It’s definitely more simple than previous tracks, I tend to keep tracks a little busy and I’m really trying to think about that for this album.”

“Releasing new music always brings excitement. I love getting my stuff out there and increasing my portfolio. I don’t take myself seriously enough to ever panic or overthink anything.”

“This will be the first album I am committing to vinyl so I’m very excited about that and as with every single I am just trying to increase my streams, purchases via Bandcamp and radio plays. I enjoy the challenge and love the game.”

‘What We Have’ is out 2nd June. Pre-save here.


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