New Release – Weigh Down by Katanak

New Release – Weigh Down by Katanak

Fresh Indie tunes with catchy rock pop hooks are the signature style of emerging Brisbane (Australia) artist Katanak. Uniquely homegrown Aussie vocals, straddling indie rock pop/modern rock, make Katanak’s songs his own. With the confident energy of The 1975, darkness of Coin and influences from The Wombats shining through Katanak is establishing himself as an exciting newcomer.

His new single ‘Weigh Down’ will be out April 21st. Pre-save here.

“It’s about feeling weighed down and questioning expectations that have been placed on you when things aren’t going to plan. When you don’t feel like you’re who or where you want to be.”

“I wrote ‘Weigh Down’ after a particularly lengthy period of time that I’d just lost my mojo for writing. I was working in retail during the pandemic and I wasn’t prepared for how nasty people could be. It was so draining going to work to be abused each day. I just stopped writing.”

“Then along comes a role in the ELVIS movie by Baz Luhrmann. I was able to go onto set each day and escape what was going on by playing Jerry Scheff – bassist in the TCB band in the Vegas years. I had such an amazing group of musicians around me that it wasn’t hard to fall back into loving music again. By day two I’d got the bug again and was starting to write in the evenings. The song just flowed after that. When I’m inspired a song will only take me an afternoon to fully flesh it out and produce it.”

“I had an idea for cover art that didn’t quite pan out. We’d just done a photoshoot with Gabi Rankine Creative and one of the guys picked up the disco ball and we started mucking around with it in shots. This shot was just an off the cuff photo but actually worked really well for the album cover. Really fits the theme of being weighed down.”