New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis

New Release – Way to Me by Nick Kizirnis

For almost 20 years Ohio (USA) based guitarist/songwriter Nick Kizirnis has explored songs and styles ranging from Americana to pop and from rock’n’roll to experimental.

His new single ‘Way to Me’ re-imagines Nick Kizirnis’s moody indie Americana vibes. Singer Kate Wakefield’s (Lung) lush, dreamy vocals evoke a fever dream while Mark Patterson (Son Volt) manipulated drums veer from roots rock to electronica and almost back again. Kizirnis’ guitars melt down into a pile of circuits and wires, emerging almost unrecognizable.

“The song is an ode to missing the one you love, hoping that you’ll both wish upon the same star and that they will find their way back home and back to your heart. Several people have told me that they think the song is about family growing up and moving away. It made me really happy that a song that was based on a romantic relationship could be interpreted differently, and so now I’ve expanded the meaning of the song (in my mind) to include partners, friends and family.”

Way to Me’ originally appeared on Kizirnis’ most recent album ‘The Distance’. Kizirnis and co-producer Patrick Himes decided to re-imagine the song after Kizirnis worked out solo arrangements of those lush “indie noir” break-up songs using loops and ambient guitars. The temptation to see what they could create with a fresh perspective was too great to resist. Despite the change in sound the song’s story about a message of love across the distance remains intact. As Wakefield sings “You’ll find your way back to me” the song holds on to hope, trust, love and friendship that can endure any separation.

“I think of the song as this warm, dreamy reassurance that no matter where you might go, you will always be able to come home. Both versions of the song do this in different ways. The original album version had deep reverb-ed guitars and had a very Twin Peaks vibe (at least I think so), while the new version, with all the modular synths and sounds, is more like off in outer space somewhere, but the message still comes across the same.”

“This song is very different from my previous releases in that it steps away from my “indie noir” style of Americana and is more pop, and more electronic. I think the song works in both styles, but I think this new version opens the song up to more opportunities as it stretches outside that root-rock Americana space that I often find myself in and thoroughly enjoy.”

“For ‘Way to Me’ I am hoping to share my music with new listeners. Of course I want people who have heard me to enjoy it, but my hope is by taking chances with my songwriting and playing style it might reach new ears. It’s also the first time I have really thought about a song as a single rather than part of an album and I’m enjoying finding ways to share one idea rather than a collection of ideas, if that makes sense.”

“The music video was based on the 1930’s cartoon ‘Honeymoon on the Moon’ and I had a lot of fun playing with the public domain footage to fit the song. I originally had the lyrics as subtitles, which I got from finding some Russian cartoons, but my friend, songwriter Kyleen Downes added much more life to how the lyrics were displayed, and it turned out really well.”

The official music video for ‘Way to Me’ premieres on YouTube 9th September. The artwork video releases August 26th.

“The artwork for ‘Way to Me’ is actually the inside panel from my album ‘The Distance’ designed by Rachel Botting. I wanted to somehow extend the feel of the album but not replicate it, and once I started thinking about cutting a lathe 7” single for it, somehow what Rachel designed just made perfect sense.”

Way to Me’ is out as a digital single on Spotify and all major streaming platforms on 26th August. For BandCamp Friday (September 2nd) a limited edition of 25 hand-cut lathe 7’’ singles will be available.