New Release – Warm You Up by Collective Music Society

New Release – Warm You Up by Collective Music Society

Collective Music Society is a collective of songwriters, musicians and producers, with a complete mix of styles and influences – including rock, folk, pop, hip-hop and EDM.

“We formed in the summer of 2021, joining together to make music that we love and to share it with people who love music.”

“There are ten creatives in our collective: Billy, Blair, Chris, Gaz, Greg, Jenna, Neil, Paul, Phil and Simon. We also have Craig who oversees everything and pulls it all together. Our creatives are from all across the United Kingdom. No matter where we are it’s our love of creating music that connects us.”

Warm You Up’ will be out on 18th February.

“It’s the embodiment of the perfect summer-vibes, EDM house track. Imagine a sunset over Miami Beach as you are strolling down the beach front ready for the night ahead – that is ‘Warm You Up’. Warm synth sways over light percussion and a hypnotichot bass, with rapped lyrics describing the mood. Inspiration comes from artists such as Armand van Helden, David Morales, Junior Jack, Shapeshifters, Roger Sanchez.”

“We were inspired to write this track to mark the end of what seemed to be another long winter period at the end of 2021, and to start spreading the early Summer-vibes as we start to head into the warmer weather of Spring. The track also comes with the hope that 2022 will start to see the end of Covid restrictions across the world and everyone can start to safely head out and start to enjoy being outside and celebrating together – which for us, like many, will include enjoying experiencing live music again!”

“The release is different from our previous releases. We have released three tracks since we joined together in the summer of 2021. Our previous releases have been the driving indie-rock track ‘Run Rabbit’, the beautiful love-song ‘Paris’ and the energetic EDM dub track ‘Dub Sensation (Bounce)’. We have more exciting plans for even more varieties of music to come in our next releases.”