New Release – Want Me Back by Fonz Tramontano ft. Hollyanne

New Release – Want Me Back by Fonz Tramontano ft. Hollyanne

Fonz Tramontano is an independent EDM/House producer/artist from Sheffield (UK). He has released 4 albums, 1 EP and 14 singles since he started his solo career 2 years ago. He has won 2 Clouzine International Music Awards for best dance track in 2020 & 2021.

Fonz will be releasing his new single ‘Want Me Back‘ featuring Hollyanne on May 7th.

Hollyanne is a singer-songwriter and session singer based in Bradford (UK). In 2013 she studied at performance at Leeds Conservatoire. Hollyanne is about to release her debut  solo album in summer 2021. She has been played on popular radio shows such as BBC Introducing in 2020 and 2021. As well as her solo work she sings for an acoustic band called The Lights who tour the UK with original music.

How did this collaboration come about?

Fonz: “I came across Hollyanne on Twitter and searched her music out on Spotify. When I heard her track ‘Carry On‘ I was blown away by the song, but especially the tone and range of her voice. I then listened to ‘In Denial‘ and I knew then I had to work with her. I contacted her via Twitter and our working relationship took off from there.”

Hollyanne: “At first Fonz contacted me, we added each other on Twitter and I looked at his Spotify and really enjoyed his music, I told him so, and we decided we would attempt a track together, which became ‘Want Me Back’. We were very pleased with the outcome.”

Fonz: We have never met in person, only via Zoom.

What can you tell me about the song?

“The song is about an empowered, confident woman, who is being messed around in a relationship. The woman asks the other person to make their mind up and stop wasting her time.”

Who wrote/recorded what?

Fonz: “After our initial discussion I pulled together a dance track and sent it to Hollyanne. She then worked her magic on the lyrics and vocals. She then sent me her vocal stem files and I mixed and mastered the track from my Mileven Studio in Sheffield. We then tried different versions and when we were both happy the track was completed.

Hollyanne: “I have a makeshift studio at home, I have cleverly sewn some foam padding on an old lampshade! Needs must in a lockdown I suppose, however it has given us a good sound for our single.

Is there a story behind the artwork?

Fonz: “Hollyanne is a big fan of retro sci-fi and she created the cover photo and it features her in a classic sci-fi style.”

Are you excited about this release?

Fonz: “There’s always a sense of excitement with an element of uncertainty relating to the listeners reactions.”