New Release – Walking the Hedgehog (EP) by Lewca

New Release – Walking the Hedgehog (EP) by Lewca

Lewca grew up in Brixton and now resides in Paris. After being in numerous bands and going through the experience of a promising act falling apart because of a promotion, a birth, a whatever, Lewca decided to take full artistic control and set out on his own. He released his first EP ‘3 Kids & and a Mortgage‘ in December 2020 and his second EP ‘Walking the Hedgehog‘ will be released on 19th March.

His main influences are The Clash, Ian Dury, Gorillaz, The Streets, Audio bullys, Viagra Boys, Leg Puppy & Baxter Dury.

“I suffered a nervous breakdown a few years ago, before that I would write songs that tried to sound like “songs”, afterwards I decided I wanted to express my everyday life and started writing about the drama of mundane life experiences. Music wise it’s a bunch of influences from my youth, all in all it’s a bit of a musical diary I guess.”

“The songs cover resisting time, wanting ice cream, being bad, the sentiment of loss, and being tired of a mundane existence and wanting to go on a mental bender.”

“It was recorded in a studio in Paris with DJ sonofapitch as the recording sound engineer. It was mixed by Rémy Laurençon and we were lucky enough to have the EP mastered by Antoine Chabert “Chab” (of Random Access Memory 3 grammy fame – #ripdaftpunk).”

“My daughter does my artwork.”

I’ve suffered from my music, now it’s your turn – Lewca