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New Release – Violent Order (album) by Matte Martin

todayAugust 26, 2021 25

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Matte Martin is a multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter obsessed with the dark and complex edges of rock and pop music. Matte channels the disparate influences of classical music, punk rock, the avant-garde, horror films, and the great English poets into deep, dark, dramatic rock-infused pop songs. Though there is an elegant, sophisticated, cosmopolitan quality to his productions that he picked up playing with bands in San Francisco, the dark woods of his rural northern California upbringing cast their long shadows on every song.

Matte will be releasing an album on September 3rd. Here’s the pre-save link for Spotify. There’s also an iTunes pre-order available.

How would you describe the album?

“Unlike my last album Bridge’, where every song shifts wildly between different genres, ‘Violent Order’ blends punk, pop, rockabilly, and my own off-kilter sense of harmony into a consistent pop/rock sound, with some rockers, some catchy midtempo tunes, and a couple of very pretty ballads.”

“My intention was to create a modern-day ‘Pet Sounds’. As I worked, I drifted a bit from this goal, but every song is filled with lush, complex vocal harmonies that I hope will give off the same vibrations as The Beach Boys do.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“Well, I think I have something very unique to offer in both sound and philosophy, and that’s something like the theme of the album: that we all get chipped, cracked, and shattered by life and have to find and put the pieces of ourselves back together. And the pieces don’t exactly fit like they used to, and it’s painful work, and it’s hard to see this new version of yourself – hence ‘Violent Order’.”

“I hope this album is much more accessible than my last two, the first being especially difficult and abrasive. It is most definitely a pop album, though it has some challenging elements that I hope people will appreciate.”

Is there a story behind the artwork?

“The cover photo was taken during a live performance with my band, The Bikini Complex. My singer would occasionally snap Polaroids during instrumental breaks. I hate almost every picture of me, but I feel this one truly captures me, which was important in keeping with the theme of authenticity of the album.”

“I painted the text after being inspired by the amazing film, ‘Shogun Assassin’; it’s ridiculous over-the-top violence seemed to fit my theme of ‘Violent Order’, at least in my mind.”

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