New Release – Until The Last Leaf Falls by Elliott Waits For No One

New Release – Until The Last Leaf Falls by Elliott Waits For No One

With the feel of a late great 19th century circus in a lost America, Elliott Waits For No One’s songs tell life with fantastic melodies and nocturnal marches. With Elliott Waits For No One’s latest offering in the form of a fourteen song follow up album, the band diversifies into a more organic style with their latest upcoming release called ‘Midnight Melody’ in February 2024.

‘Until The Last Leaf Falls’ is out December 8th. A pre-save is available here.

“I would say that ‘Until The Last Leaf Falls’ is a metaphorical Zen like number that captures a vibe that is soothing to the soul. Life just happens and we go from season to season living it to the best of our abilities. We are like a tree, here through all the seasons and the all of the shedding until the very last leaf falls. It’s the journey in between the fallen leaves that shapes our destiny.”

“I believe we have captured the very essence of all of this and more in this song.”

What inspired you to write it?

“Moving into the forest had a big part of it and also just living life and looking backwards and forwards at the journey so far and yet to come.”

What movie or tv series should feature ‘Until The Last Leaf Falls’ and why?

“This is a song that could be in any number of soundtracks and situations. It has a very “reflective” quality that I believe would transpose well to the screen. It has a very deep Zen like quality that would go well in movies , series, advertising.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“It is…but at the same time it is not, we have a very eclectic approach to songwriting and we tend to write according to what we feel and to tell a story rather than writing to try and please any core demographics.”

“If that takes me in a different direction I don’t fight it I just let it come out naturally and follow the vibe. This one had a world music /dark folk vibe right from the get go and I just went with it.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“This is our second single release out of four leading up to the full album release in February 2024. It follows our first release ‘Time Loop’ then is followed by ‘Sky Walker’ then our focus track single upon album release ‘Marry My Girl’ with an accompanying animated video by Director Magnus Carlsson who did the video for RadioHead ‘Paranoid Android’. We hope to bring awareness to the full album release with this single as well as the others. We also would like to think that this single will give people a moment of pause and chill to reflect on all the good things in their life and the positive things along their journey.”

Tell us about the music video.

“The video of ‘Until The Last Leaf Falls’ can be found on our YouTube channel on the day of release, as well as other video streaming platforms and YouTube Channel Radial on The Orchard.”

“I wanted to showcase the musicianship behind this track so I went with recording studio footage mixed with a few location shots as it is a very diverse and multi layered multi instrumental track. This is the only video out of the six videos I have done for this album thus far that is formatted this way.”

When releasing a new single is there a sense of excitement or panic?

“Neither, I would say more of a sense of anxiousness and curiosity as to how it will be received. This particular track is one we believe will be received very well across a broad spectrum of listeners.”

The album cover art and lyric book artwork was painted by the Luca Bellandi.

“The cover art is simple and to the point , I mainly went with an image I took in fall time and it was chosen mostly on the colours that I thought fit the mood and vibe and title of song.”

‘Until The Last Leaf Falls’ was recorded at EWFNO In The Woods (Door County, WI) and Todd Wolf’s (LA). It was mixed and mastered at Vibehouse Productions (Rockford, IL).


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