New Release – Turquoise Tears (EP) by Chenél No.1

New Release – Turquoise Tears (EP) by Chenél No.1

From sunny South Africa, songwriter Chenél No.1 likes to focus on expressive country, folk and rock music. Her lyrics are rich with imaging and storytelling. 2022 will bring more opportunities to showcase her lyrical content. Her new EP ‘Turquoise Tears’ will be out on 28th January. You can pre-save the album here.

How would you describe the EP?

“This 4 song EP will take you on a journey of reliving a failed relationship, perhaps even contemplating a current one.”

“The first song, ‘Turquoise Tears’, is also the title of the EP. My favorite colour has always been turquoise and I’ve built most of my artist branding around it. Continuing to hone my skills as a songwriter I did a song challenge using a colour as my starting point. The alliteration worked well. So I slowly started drafting my song and molded it into a story of a person caught off guard when a lover suddenly dumps her. I loved the imaging of sadness harnessed in crying so much it could block out the sun and fuel fierce rivers.”

“Continuing on the path of heartache, ‘Will I ever love again’, was written in 2020 with a strong acoustic vibe. Here the character has to deal with rejection and the fact that the person she loved keeps crossing paths with her and opening old wounds all over again. The main question keeps returning whether healing will take place for her.”

“The next song, ‘In a Moment In a Flash’, makes a little U-turn from this sombre direction and deals with a person declaring their adoration and commitment. It’s a song of hope and knowing in a split second that you’re willing to ensure the other party’s emotional and physical well being is placed above your own.”

“To end of the EP, ‘You don’t care at all’, the distraught lover is left to pick up the pieces and feel betrayed by the person they thought would never leave them. It’s a story familiar to most as everyone has had that one unbelievable breakup where they question themselves and what they could have done to prevent it.”

How long was the recording process?

“This project was completed over two months and I’m really proud of the acoustic vibes and overall sound of the song collection.”

“As I work fulltime, I have to schedule my recording times after hours with my producer. I usually pitch my song idea, lyrics and chords in advance. We discuss the feel, instrumentation and genre. There after we prepare a guitar reference track which I then sing to. After that the real magic happens when the musicians contribute their talent to the track.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork? Did you make it yourself?

“I designed it myself as I have experience working with different artistic mediums. Mostly I draw/paint/design for my own projects and pleasure.”

“As the title of the EP implies, I really wanted to create the artwork that shows a person drowning in their own tears. I chose a beautiful freckled face to show vulnerability and imperfections. The water/tears have a flowing motion to indicate the rising tide causing the person to drown in their brokenness. It’s a simple design, but fits well with the overall sadness of the EP.”