New Release – True Crime Country by Orson’s Well

New Release – True Crime Country by Orson’s Well

Orson’s Well was formed in 2000 by a group of actors at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, bringing together an eclectic combination of classic rock, blues, and vocal harmonies mixed with a modern style. Sponsored by Jagermeister, Orson’s Well developed a loyal following in Chicago. In 2001, the band released its album, Serve The Verve, followed by a Midwest tour. They continued performing for several years until their final 2004 performance in Chicago.

Life pulled the band members in different directions, and they ended up spread out across the country, from Los Angeles, California to Bangor, Maine.

A 2020 Zoom call sparked the band’s interest in recording together again in anticipation of the 20th anniversary of the release of Serve The Verve. After developing a remote songwriting and recording process, the band used their seasoned musicianship to create an updated version of the title track, named Serve The Verve 2021, in February 2021. The band released a music video for the song, which is comprised entirely of footage from their Midwest tour.

A new single ‘True Crime Country‘ will be out on May 1st.

“Our lead singer, Scott Silbor, wrote the song. He produces True Crime television for a living. It inspired him to write a song about a fixated fan of the genre who plots a murder of her own, using the tricks she’s learned from watching True Crime TV.”

“The song speaks to the American obsession with violence in a sort of multilayered way. We all live in True Crime Country.”

“Scott recorded a scratch version of the song with guitars and vocals and sent it to the rest of the band to get our thoughts. We all loved it, and decided to push it to the front of the line for our next recording. For a while, we all had a love/hate relationship with this song, because we had so many ideas that we kept adding more parts and pieces to the song. It eventually became an almost unmanageable “wall of sound,” so we had to start making cuts and editing it down. We had 19 different versions of the song before we finally sent the final version to post-production.”

“Most of our songs are straight rock and roll, but this one has a country-rock flavor to it. The songwriting and composition have a little more life lived inside of them. The song breathes in a different, more dramatic way than our earlier works.”

Scott Silbor wrote and recorded lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Dominic Harris wrote and recorded lead guitar and lap steel, Bill Tisdale wrote and recorded drums and vocal harmonies, and Jay Harnish wrote and recorded the bass and baritone tracks.