New Release – Transition (EP) by Juliet and her Regrets

New Release – Transition (EP) by Juliet and her Regrets

Juliet and her Regrets is the solo project of Juliet Colman, who lives and works in London, (UK). Juliet is one half of cello and piano duo Juliet and Nanette, but Juliet and her Regrets is Juliet’s outlet for different experiments in sound and genre, bringing pop and disco influences to her electric piano and gritty, bluesy vocal.

Juliet sings about love, loss, and in her most recent work, her transgender journey. In her new EP ‘Transition’ Juliet has written songs of celebration, pain, love, and, above all, being true to oneself. ‘Transition’ is a four track EP.

“These songs all relate to my personal journey over many years as a transgender woman. The title track, ‘Transition’ is a celebration of that journey, and the title is also an acknowledgement of something new musically. ‘Electrolysis’ is of course about that hair removal procedure – maybe that’s an unusual subject for a song, but it’s been part of my life for years. ‘Lipstick’ is perhaps a message to my younger self, to be true to myself and to know that my life is my own. And finally, ‘Delphine’ is a song about my own insecurity, asking what we can reveal about ourselves to other people. I think it is a concept EP!”

“This EP sounds very different to my previous releases! I think it was a big surprise for people to hear disco-inspired songs from me, and in fact this has been a journey of discovery for me too! Initially I rejected the idea myself, but the truth is that I really do love disco, and in the end I let it all out!”

“I love making videos to accompany my songs. It’s a big challenge to make something that’s visually interesting, fits the mood of the song, and is possible on a minimal budget! For the new EP, the first video is for the song ‘Lipstick’. To make this video, my partner Delphine attempted to put lipstick on me, while I was singing – it was hilarious to shoot, and I hope that comes through in the final video.”

‘Transition’ will be out 8th December. A pre-save is available.