New Release – Tramp in St Tropez by Joe Adhemar

New Release – Tramp in St Tropez by Joe Adhemar

Joe Adhemar a studio-based, multi-instrumentalist living west of London (UK). On 22nd September the second single from his album ‘About The Soul’ will be out on the streams. The single is called ‘Tramp in St Tropez’ and it’s about wealth disparity.

“The song is a combination of two experiences I had whilst down on the Cote D’Azur. One was meeting the happiest tramp ever, as he approached diners at a cafe. He is the guy on the cover art.”

“The second experience was whilst I stood at the Marina in St Tropez looking up at an oligarch atop of a triple decker yacht who was observing us minions with a scowl on his face, wearing a bathrobe. Somehow the two contrasting memories of relative happiness did not match the wealth of each personality.”

“It is a song full of catchy motifs and hopefully, ear-worm riffs.”

The album ‘About The Soul’ is available on BandCamp already and will appear in December on the stream platforms.