New Release – Tragic Trinity by The Just Imagines

New Release – Tragic Trinity by The Just Imagines

The Just Imagines are an award winning international duo who met through music, fell in love, and created this band! They make trippy, evocative, eclectic and thought provoking music. Every single tune is homemade from start to finish.

The name of the newest release is ‘Tragic Trinity’. It will be out 24th November. A pre-save is available here.

What inspired you to write ‘Tragic Trinity’?

“As a band who promotes peace and understanding, it is often difficult to understand why there is such a great deal of violence and despair in the world. We wrote this song as an attempt to explain all those who perpetuate senseless wars, assaults, shootings or violence in any form. We investigate what could be the root causes on the level of the individual and how certain perspectives and emotions cause the individual to become completely closed off to compassion for others, eventually leading to a violent response to certain stimuli.”

How would you describe it?

“This song has a psychedelic eastern inspired intro complete with live tablas and later sitar. After this intro however, the song becomes more aggressive and leans towards a progressive hard rock sort of sound. There is a central guitar riff that drives the song forward accompanied by pounding drums, kicking bass, and a few rhythm and lead guitar tracks. This song is influenced by bands like Tool, Rage Against the Machine, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, and more.”

Is there a story behind the cover artwork?

“All of our cover art is designed and created by Carina as well as all other visual media and merchandise associated with the band. This particular cover art for ‘Tragic Trinity’ mirrors the meaning of the song and the three abstract portrayals associated with each point on the trinity.”

Is this release different from your previous releases?

“With this release and the release before it ‘Mad Mike’, we have incorporated a more progressive hard rock sound into our music. Our debut album ‘Our Love Story’ which tells of how we met, is more focused on romantic love songs and different genres such as funk, reggae, singer-songwriter classical and more.”

‘Tragic Trinity’ will be part of a progressive hard rock EP to be released in 2024.


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