New Release – Touch Of Gold by LUNARCA

New Release – Touch Of Gold by LUNARCA

LUNARCA are an Indie punk quartet hailing from Sheffield (UK), consisting of vocalist Connor Berry, guitarist Elliot Britton, bassist Jasper Elliott and drummer Kyle Sherwin. Connor, Elliot and Jasper all went to the same college (in different years), but none of them knew each other.

“It was all complete chance as Elliot (guitarist) wanted to start a band but didn’t know anyone. Then one day he had heard about a singer (Connor) and a bassist (Jasper) so just approached them in the college hallways. Kyle (the drummer) recently joined in April 2023, the band had seen a video of him playing on YouTube so decided to shoot him a message. He joined the band a week later.”

“We all wanted to be in a band, we just hadn’t found the right people. After the first rehearsal we’d pretty much decided we was going to do this properly. Connor has the band name LUNARCA months prior to the band – so it all fell into place perfectly.”

With thunderous sounding guitars and raw snarling vocals, their songs are a shot of energetic dopamine in audio form.

Their single ‘Touch of Gold’ is out 11th August. A pre-save is available here.

What is the song about?

Frontman Connor says: “‘Touch Of Gold’ is a real anger-built track which captures the frustration of being overlooked. Though there’s a constant reminder of hope ‘Nothings grey with the touch of gold.’ This song sums up the state of the world and I feel that a lot of people will relate to it.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“The music video shows the four band members performing a live take of the song in the cellar where the track was produced and recorded. The entire project, song and music video, is all done by a group of friends, no professional equipment, studio or expertise. We tried to go for a retro punk vibe for the music video, as we felt it reflected the song pretty well. The first half of the music video is shot in black and white, then slowly gradients into a gold filter – to compliment the song lyrics.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“We’ve taken things up a few levels with this release as regards to production and song quality. This is the song which we believe will begin to make a name for ourselves, and hopefully people will start to take us more seriously. Though, most importantly we’re hoping our supporters like the song, as they’re the ones who are going to take us the furthest. We have many more great songs in the vault, this is the first of many! We would like to aim for the track to be playlisted on multiple playlists and picked up by international radio stations.”


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