New Release – To The River by Dorsten

New Release – To The River by Dorsten

Dorsten is an Americana brother-sister band from Arizona (USA) sharing their strong, dynamic sound with the world. You will immediately appreciate the authenticity that they share. Sophie’s vocal performance is simply out-of-this-world balanced perfectly with complex and beautiful instrumentation from Alex.

Their new single ‘To The River’ releases 29th September. A pre-save is available.

“This will be the first single on an upcoming EP titled ‘To The River’ that will release 3rd November. We performed this song in Nashville for an industry show several months ago and the feedback we got from our distributor, Ingrooves/Virgin Music, as well as so many others was so strong that we all agreed it should be first out in the world. We will have their support and hope it does all that we dream it will.”

“We wrote ‘To The River’ about deception, and how the internet changes our view of everyone and everything; how it lures you in to come listen and we need to come together to drown out that deceiving noise.”

“We think this song would be amazing on ‘Yellowstone’ – so many different parts could fit so many different scenarios. It’s a powerful song and we feel sets us in the Americana genre nicely.

“We record everything in Alex’s studio. It’s so cool to have control over every little part doing it ourselves, for example, like deciding that a heavy chain would be cool in a specific part, so we run to the hardware store and buy a chain – it gives a pretty cool percussion dynamic. He also mixes and masters the songs and even creates an ATMOS version which will also be released.”

“We have the music video story-lined out, but need to film it. It’s a fun and silly idea we are excited to do. I think everyone will enjoy it! We will share it soon!”


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