New Release – Tiny Injuries (album) by Tamar Berk

New Release – Tiny Injuries (album) by Tamar Berk

Tamar Berk is a Cleveland (USA) native who started in the Chicago alternative, electropunk, garage scene emerging as a founding member of Starball, Sweet Heat, The Countdown releasing albums on indie labels like Minty Fresh, KRS and Invisible Records. Tamar partnered with Matt Walker (Smashing Pumpkins, Morrissey) and Sean O’Keefe (Beach Bunny, Fall Out Boy) to launch her solo career. Her third album ‘Tiny Injuries’ with 12 songs of pop goodness is out 18th August. A pre-save is available.

“I would describe the album title: We all go through life having experienced things that affect us and cause problems, whether we know that at the time or not. Lots of anxiety and memories we can never rid ourselves of. Some of them are small, and some are bigger, but they are injuries that remain with us. And it’s not about ‘Poor me’. Everyone internalizes these injuries, and none of them are tiny.”

“I think the catchiest song on the album is track two called ‘Sunday Driving. It instantly feels like a summer driving singalong song sort of like The Go Go’s. The lyrics are kinda dark, but the music isn’t which is something I’ve always loved to do in my songwriting.”

“The album took a little over a year to complete and I do most of it in my home studio except for all the lead guitars and drums. Those are sent to me by the incredible musicians I work with and I input them into my sessions.”

“Matt Walker my drummer (Smashing Pumpkins, Morissey, Garbage) co-produced the album with me and I felt like without him I couldn’t make it sound the way it does. He’s amazing.”

“There are three videos at this point. The first is for my first single ‘Drop In the Bucket’ the second video was for my second single ‘if u know, u know’ and the third will accompany the release of the album and it’s for track five called ‘Cash Out’. Here are the videos already out:


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