New Release – Through the Sand by Daniel Tidwell

New Release – Through the Sand by Daniel Tidwell

Through The Sand‘ was released today. What can you tell us about your new release?

“The song is about having people to lean on in trying times, and being that person for others in their times of greatest need.”
“The music started as a theory project, and an attempt to create two linked chord progressions that used every common chord in a scale. Hearing about the constant struggles of close friends and acquaintances, being there for them when I could and feeling remorse when I could not, inspired the verse lyrics. However, the chorus took a different approach. I wanted it to be a bulwark for those that can and do help others, and perhaps even a personal anthem in those efforts.”

“Once all that was done, the music changed a great deal to fit the timing and the mood of what emerged.”

“The vocals were recorded in my bedroom closet, while the mix took place from the comfort of my living room.”

Is this release different from your previous releases? 

“Drastically. However, I could say that about most releases. However, perhaps never quite so much as this one. ‘Through The Sand’ has far more in common with future releases that I have scheduled than anything from my past.”

Is the release accompanied with a music video?

“Yes! You can find it here. It’s a very basic lyric video that I did make with a few looped and distorted stock images. If you look close enough, you can catch where the loops start and end. I thought looping beach scenes would be easy. I assure you, it is not.”