New Release – Through The Cracks by Dusty Grant

New Release –  Through The Cracks by Dusty Grant

Dusty Grant‘s new single will be released on 29 January. It’s called ‘Through The Cracks’ and you can pre-save it here.

How would you describe your new single? 

“Through The Cracks is quite possibly my darkest release to date. It’s a song I wrote when I was going through some very difficult times personally where I felt like there was no way out.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release? 

“I am hoping to continue the success I’ve had with growing my streaming numbers, earning new fans, and growing my social media presence. A dream scenario would be for my song to be licensed and used in film.”

Is there a sense of excitement or panic for this release?         

“There is definitely a sense of both!!! I am excited for my friends and fans to hear my new music. But, at the same time it’s a little like sending one of your children out into the world. You can do everything to prepare, but you never really know how things will go until it’s out there. It’s definitely nerve-wracking.”