New Release – These Four Walls (album) by In the forest

New Release – These Four Walls (album) by In the forest

In the forest formed when two sisters and their husbands had a family holiday to Dorset (UK). The song ‘On the run‘ was written and life with a different kind of band began. With four vocals and two main instruments to write with, the band have a distinct focus on the song and vocal harmonies.

“Someone once described us as a Laurel Canyon band which absolutely makes sense when you start picking through our favourite artists.”

Their debut album ‘These Four Walls’ will be out 25th November. The album contains songs with a sprinkling of magic dust and signature harmonies. You can pre order the vinyl album here.

The album also includes some of their previously released singles.

“We have already released ‘Light That Shines’ and ‘Fire and Flame’. Next up we’re releasing ‘Home’ followed by ‘Waiting For The Call’.

What does the album’s title reveal?

“A home, a cage, a place to escape. It’s also based on the foundation of the band having four solid songwriters, creating four pillars of the band.”

“There is a theme of needing to escape while longing to take root and settle, but it was only on reflection of the songs as a collective, that we became aware of this kind of story.”

About the songs al the album:

“We think they’re all accessible songs. It really is subjective to the listener and as we all write both seperately and collectively, there are a lot of perspectives for people to relate to.”

“We all have different favourites for different reasons, but at the moment I’d have to say ‘Got to Be’. It’s a straight talking simple song, decorated with double entendres and a beautiful melody with sentiment to just ‘be’.”

What are your favourite memories of writing or recording the album?

“So many to think of because the whole process was totally new ground for us. There was a definite collective wow! When we first heard the mix of ‘Sailing Out’ returned from our producer Rob Eveling the impact emotionally was pretty huge.”

“We absolutely value what Rob Eveling our producer brings to the table. Having independent ears who have no affiliation to the emotion or thought of writing the song, and therefore has complete objectivity about composition and sound, is invaluable. With a couple of songs, Rob encouraged us to flip entire tracks on their head and ‘cut off the fat’ as he would say! We were so fortunate to bump into eachother at a gig when he was working as a sound engineer and the rest is history!”

“We’re all really proud of what we’ve achieved, how we’ve delivered and packaged our songs from sound to artwork. It’s no small feat! It would be nice if people found something to relate to or are inspired by. There are a few songs with a kind of ‘go and live your life’ undertone but as I always say, with art like music, all you can really hope for is to invoke a reaction, whether that be love, hate or even determination to go and make something yourself!”

Are you planning any videos for your music?

“Yes, we’re making music videos, you have to these days as people are much more inclined to hear something whilst they’re watching something. Holding peoples attention is a bit like trying to distract and calm down a crying child with something fun or more interesting than that which has scared them.. we’re so lucky to have Lobster productions working on our behalf. We’ve previously made animations and filmed our own videos, but this time around we had the chance to let someone else steer ship which has been such an incredible help and relief for us.”