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New Release – The Synesthete 1 (EP) by Joe Adhemar

todayMarch 21, 2023 130 3

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Joe Adhemar is a studio based producer/songwriter based west of London (UK). His new release is a four-track EP that appears on the streams on 26th March. It is called ‘The Synesthete 1’ and will be followed by ‘The Synesthete 2’, 3 and 4 in May, July and September. Each EP will contain tracks from the full album that currently resides on Bandcamp only. Pre-save here.

What is the theme behind this EP?

“This EP has all the synth based tracks on the original album and the featured track ‘Hopper’ has created the biggest stir with listeners. The song features Skylu on backing vocals and woven into it are certain themes about Netflix’s biggest hit Stranger Thing. It is for me a track that is by far the most commercial I have written/produced and the first female collaboration too.”

What made you want to write a song about a Netflix boxset?

“There’s aspects as a songwriter where, like a magpie, you pick out the shiniest things from other sources. In the case of Stranger Things, we know the theme tune brought back a strong dose of 80’s synth revival, and for those who’ve seen the show, they will recognise the riff that covers the opening titles straight away. What I chose to do was take the five or so notes that make up that motif and embroider that into a whole song. Feedback has been immense with some being kind enough to say that they think it should be the theme tune to the show for the next series. If someone has the Duffer Brothers phone number give me a shout-out. (laughs)”

What else will be on this EP?

“Tracks called ‘Fierce’ which is about a certain character on social media who seems to leave a trail of destruction on Twitter, track three ‘Make a Sound’ which is a rather ambiguous attempt at the diverse approaches we see from people trying to be heard or in many cases trying to give the impression of being heard (by boosting their listeners with extravagant, paid-for playlist boosting) and finally ‘Gatekeeper’ who we all know can be a number of things in the music scene. This final track did not make the album.”

What is different to this release than others?

“It’s the first time I’ve not bothered with an album release. The majority of artists these days don’t seem to bother with LP format on Spotify. These songs will take the TOTAL tracks on Spotify to over 60 but I look around and most people seem to just trickle-feed singles every few months keeping the playlist algorithm ticking over. So I’ve finally caved in to the way things work. The album is a Bandcamp-only thing for me at this stage and probably always will be.”

Anything else worth mentioning?

“The remaining three EPs will feature more of the fine guitar by Jim Sanger who helped me flesh out songs into a far more gritty sound. On one track his input was so integral we had to call it a co-write. So if anyone hears this first EP and thinks it’s way too synth-poppy for them, I recommend you check in for the other EP’s or better still go listen to the whole album on BandCamp!”

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