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New Release – The Long Way (album) by Leigh Thomas

todayMarch 28, 2023 214 7

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Leigh Thomas is an Australian based singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a lengthy history of live performance, writing, recording and releasing his own material. Leigh’s distinctive sound is underpinned by his renowned vocal ability, and could best be described as guitar based, melodic pop/rock, ranging from heavy and beat driven, to softer and sometimes poignant ballads. Whilst Leigh’s music is highly accessible lyrically and rhythmically on a surface level, carrying swooning, catchy melodies and guitar hooks, it is also rich in metaphor and deeper undercurrents exploring psychological and emotional human conditions.

“‘The Long Way’ is my first album release, and has taken me over a year to put together. Whilst remaining within the realms of pop/rock, it does traverse the many sub-genres encapsulated by this field, which has been the norm for my writing thus far. The album incorporates elements of hard rock, blues, soul and pop, but still carries forth my penchant for melodic hooks and guitar riffs. In spite of this, I do believe the album carries consistency and serves to convey the overall sound and style that I am developing, and represents a snapshot of my approach, and my thoughts and feelings on how the world is, and how people are during these current times.”

“For me it has also been an opportunity to break away from the ‘single release’ mentality, and expand my writing into more expressive areas, particularly in a lyrical sense. There are definitely a lot of messages and metaphors in there. I also think that this album, for me, will serve as a base from which to jump, and a pointer for my future musical direction. For the listener, I hope that it can be enjoyed either musically, melodically or lyrically, as they journey through the changing moods of the album.”

“I think the title track ‘The Long Way’ is definitely a personal favourite of mine, more so in a lyrical sense. It sums the sentiments carried through the album, and represents an inner conflict which I think is present in much of humanity at present. It’s easy to be angry at the world right now, and I certainly have those moments, and express them throughout the album, especially in songs like ‘Charisma’ and more so in ‘Kids Of Tomorrow’. ‘The Long Way’ attempts to reconcile this with a kind of “stop giving so many fucks” attitude. That is to say, to try and exist in a calm space, and go with the flow, in a world that is trying hard to rock our boats. With all of the awful behaviour from our leaders, and the mass media, we have to remind ourselves not to take life too seriously, or we’d all go mad, which is happening to many of us.”

“Whilst several songs that make up the album have already been released as singles, they have been remastered by Steve Fallone and Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound in The USA, who mastered the entire album. But I do intend to release another one or two singles from the album, which will go to streaming platforms. The first one being ‘Kids Of Tomorrow’. I really want to put this track out there, because of its political and environmental message. It’s an interesting track, and has had a fantastic response from those that have been privy to a pre-release listen. It swings from a sinister and foreboding mood, kicking our world leaders for their self serving antics and the cost this has to our environment and habitability of the planet, to a more optimistic feel, providing that we all do our part to preserve what we have for future generations both human and non-human. I anticipate the single release of ‘Kids Of Tomorrow’ to be soon after the album release, and I am currently finalising artwork for it.”

‘The Long Way’ is out 5th April.

Written by: leancool20

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