New Release – The devil in me by JonSaw

New Release – The devil in me by JonSaw

JonSaw are a musical duo hailing from Gothenburg (Sweden) consisting of Robert Jonsson on vocals and guitar and Mikael Säwström on drums. They perform a blend of bluesy southern rock and 1970s-influenced music with a dash of bourbon.

On 1st January JonSaw are releasing a new track ‘The Devil in me’. A pre-save is available.

“It’s a song about the inner struggle between good and evil and the idea that everyone has a bit of both inside of them. It could be about the struggle to do what is right, even when it is difficult or goes against our own desires. It could also be about the struggle to overcome inner demons or negative thoughts and habits. Ultimately, the song is about the human condition and the complexities of the human psyche.”

“Music is a powerful way to express emotions and experiences, so we wrote this song about inner conflict as a way to process and make sense of the different things we deal with in life.”

“’The Devil in Me’ departures somewhat from our usual sound and style. It’s slower, more introspective, and has a more stripped-down feel compared to our harder and more energetic releases. We always strive to explore new areas and create something different from our previous releases, I guess it’s hard to categorise us.”