New Release – The Dawn Chapter: Petrichor by HOL

New Release – The Dawn Chapter: Petrichor by HOL

The new release from HOL is the 5th and final Chapter of the upcoming album. It’s called ‘The Dawn Chapter: Petrichor’ and is being released on Friday 15th January. You can find the pre-save link here.

‘The Girl I Used To Be’ describes a young girl searching for her old self. The lyrics depict her journey. How she thinks she has found the one thing she is looking for, a lifelong friend, only to realise that it is actually her old self. ’21st Century Teen’ depicts the story of the changes experienced by a teen growing up in this time. How they feel when things don’t stay the same. Gaining confidence as they step out into the real world. 

HOL wrote these two songs very recently, about 3 weeks ago, and they are based in some way around her own experiences. All the tracks were written, sung and produced by HOL in her bedroom studio then mixed and mastered by the same engineer she always uses.

The album to be released on 19th February, ‘The Chapters’ is the journey of a young teenager searching for themselves as they navigate the stresses and strains of life in the here and now. Growing through experiences in each Chapter, they spread their wings as they enter the adult world. Again, all the 10 tracks of the album were written, sung and produced in HOLs bedroom studio both in Kefalonia, Greece and Blackpool UK. The artwork was also created by HOL.

Want to read more about HOL? I interviewed her a couple of months ago. You can read the interview here.