New Release – That’s Reality by Laura Jayne

New Release – That’s Reality by Laura Jayne

Laura Jayne is a singer/songwriter from the North East of England. Her first release was a collaboration with Sean Buckley aka Mintball. Laura Jayne is releasing a new single ‘That’s Reality’ on 22nd September. This is Laura Jayne’s second solo single following on from ‘Kiss Me on a Friday Night’.

“‘That’s Reality’ is a sad song made to sound happy, because you can’t let life get you down, you’ve got to grab it by the balls, own up to your mistakes and realise that no one is perfect regardless of what people’s perceptions of you are.”

“It’s a song about how people can put you on a pedestal and create this picture of perfection. But underneath this, there’s a person who makes mistakes, who doesn’t want to get out of bed on a morning to face another day, someone who is trying to hold on to their sanity just as much as the next person, but faces it head on anyway.”

“The song was written one afternoon when I’d had to admit to some big mistakes I’d made. But then, I am only human. I make mistakes just like everyone else. I’ve never claimed to be perfect, but it’s where a lot of people seem to put me, on some kind of pedestal, of being this superwoman who can face everything with a smile. When in reality, I am just as vulnerable, just a fragile as the next, but it’s how we deal with things that counts when we face the reality of the situation.”

“The cover photo was taken by one of two of my good friends on a holiday last year, not sure which one as they were both snapping away. However I made it to look more cartoon like as to not look like reality – if that makes sense. I hadn’t even written the song at the point of the photos being taken, but it just seemed very fitting when I was looking for something to use.”

“It will be accompanied by a very homemade lyrical video providing I can pull it off as I have made it myself and I am no tech wizard.”

A pre-save is available here.


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