New Release – Take It All The Way by Leigh Thomas

New Release – Take It All The Way by Leigh Thomas

Leigh Thomas is an Australian based singer/songwriter/guitarist, with a lengthy history performing in both the Melbourne indie scene and cover scene. Leigh’s music can be described as guitar based, melodic pop/rock, ranging from heavy and beat driven, to softer and sometimes poignant ballads.

A new single ‘Take It All The Way‘ will be out on July 16th.

“It’s a dreamy yet upbeat guitar driven indie pop/rock style song that explores a longing to escape the confines of expectations, to set one’s own path, and have the conviction to follow it. The song is philosophical yet grounded and accessible with powerful guitar riffing and memorable melodies.”

“The song was inspired by observation and contemplation of the conditioning many people undergo to take a particular path in life, and the fear instilled in them should they desire to leave that path and choose their own, and the consequences they may face should they ignore their own calling. I have definitely drawn on my own experiences, and those of many others.”

“It was written in April 2021 and recorded in May 2021 in a private studio in Melbourne, Australia.”