New Release – Surgery by The Nature Strip

New Release – Surgery by The Nature Strip

The Sydney (Australia) based power-pop band The Nature Strip releases ‘Surgery’ on 18th February. It’s their first new recording in three years. The band has been on hiatus since late 2018, while their two songwriters Pete Marley and John Encarnacao pursued other projects.

In 2020 Pete released his debut album ‘Savoury-Toothed Tiger’ as Marveline and John released his fourth ‘Wooden Box with Strings’ as Warmer.

In May 2021 the duo got back together with drummer Jess Ciampa and keyboardist Matt Langley to commence work on some new stuff. ‘Surgery’ came together quickly and is their first release since the ‘Past Pacific’ EP in 2018, which Arun Kendall from Backseat Mafia described as “beautiful, crafted,
intelligent pop

“We’ve described the track like this: a punked-up Motown groove is the foundation for a tough take on mid-1980s jangle. The music is tough while the lyric is vulnerable – what is this thing called love? It’s like surgery, actually.”

The Nature Strip are slowly working towards album number four. We can also expect a trail of singles in 2022.