New Release – Summertime Madness by The Mad Game

New Release – Summertime Madness by The Mad Game

The Mad Game is the result of the meeting of a trio of very different individuals who have one thing in common: lives lived on the edge. A UK / Ukraine collaboration with music at its core, The Mad Game explores human behaviour in all its glory and folly. Their new track ‘Summertime Madness’ will be out on 23rd July.

“It’s an amusing and eclectic burst of energetic fun, and the listener can find their own meaning / use for it.

This is an instrumental release, rather than a song. It is actually the first experiment with ideas that led to The Mad Game. So in a way, it’s a kind of prequel. It’s also the only track where the video and music were developed simultaneously. Lastly, the previous tracks have some pretty dark themes. This one is just about energy and fun.”

“Some parts were recorded in the UK (Suffolk), some in France (Paris) and it was finalized and mixed in Kyiv, Ukraine…in a café…on a pair of headphones.”

“The video is essentially a four minute long chase scene involving a woman, Charley Schmidt, chasing a man, Thibault Sauvaige. Filmed in Paris, the set was the streets of Paris, going past many major monuments and sights. It is a frenetic and energetic video.”

“The filming took place over days and is great example of guerilla filming. The actors, three cameramen, the director, Alessandro Principe, and a Public Relations manager zig-zagged through the streets. The public were often participants, and even tried at times to intervene thinking that a crime was the cause of the chase. Nothing was off limits, be it running down the middle of the Champs Elysées and filming on the back of a scooter, or jumping into the seine from one of the famed Bateaux Mouches. The creation of the video was as frenetic as the video itself.”