New Release – Step Back by Marvin Dee Band

New Release – Step Back by Marvin Dee Band
Marvin Dee - coverfoto Step Back

The Marvin Dee band is a Dutch acoustic rock / Americana band from Rotterdam, influenced by acts such as Dave Matthews Band, Peter Gabriel, Sting and John Mayer.

On March 12, exactly one year after the Dutch government first closed all music venues and theaters due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Marvin Dee Band is releasing their new single ‘Step Back’. This is no coincidence by any means, because the single is about taking an unexpected side-road, or even having to take a step back before going forward again. Dee wrote the song in 2018 when the band was going through a rough period of its own, but in the last year the song has gained a new double meaning.

The release of their debut album ‘Changes’ lost most of its momentum when the pandemic forced music venues to close, cutting short their acoustic tour and all planned festival shows. The longer the situation dragged on, the more the band watched their investment go up in smoke–and even now, a year later, the possibilities of playing live are still extremely limited.

This year the band hope to regain some of that lost momentum with the long awaited digital release of their debut album ‘Changes’ followed closely by a second live-album that was recorded in October 2019. Once concerts return, the band definitely plans to hit the stage again. It’s the one place where this energetic band truly shines the most.

What inspired you to write ‘Step Back’?

“Just before we were set to enter the studio to record our debut album, we ended up losing some core band members. Leading up to that moment, there were several moments where I was unsure about the creative direction of the band. Band members started to grow apart and we had clashing ideas about which direction was right for us. It was really hard for me to admit to myself at first, but in the end, it was better to part ways. Both for me as an individual and musician, as well as for the project’s musical integrity. When you make music together for a long time, you become great friends, almost like a family, and it’s really hard to let go of that, and admit that your family has become dysfunctional. That period lead me to write ‘Step Back’.”

“When the band was on the brink of falling apart, at the start of 2018, I wasn’t sure if things would ever turn out okay again. By pouring those emotions into my songwriting, and turning all that into music, I also realized that the departure of some old band members opened doors to a new, more mature musical direction that better fits who I am today.”

What’s your favourite memory of writing/recording this song?

“Well, there’s a lot of bad memories that went into the making of this song, obviously, but there are also many good memories that surround it now. Since the time it was written and recorded, we’ve found new band members and the new group is even closer than the original formation. The new band members have brought a lot of maturity and calm back to the band and that’s exactly what we needed. Now we can look to the future with focus and we’re better prepared to deal with unexpected turns in the road.”

“As for recording, one of my most vivid memories is when we were recording the horns section in the studio. At the end of one particular take, the trumpet player casually kept playing a melody after the recording had been stopped, as he turned away from his mic. The result was a really cool effect of a lone trumpet that became more distant and roomy-sounding as he turned away from the mic. I loved that so much that I asked him to do it again, slightly more deliberately this time, and that happy accident became the ending of the song as it made it on to the album.”

What are you hoping to achieve with this release?

“World domination!!! Hahah, no just kidding. The same thing we always aim to achieve – inspiring people, making them smile, helping them deal with stuff, and mostly just sharing our story. The album that this song is part of, ‘Changes’, is the most personal thing I’ve ever made, and I hope that reflects in people’s reactions to it. I hope people can relate to my story, in whatever way, and find comfort in the music.”

‘Step Back’ is a bluesy rock ballad. You can pre-save the single on Spotify.